Wedding table plan ideas.

In some cases they can be very important!

If you are having a very small, intimate wedding, then you may not need a table plan at all, but if your wedding consists of many guests, it is a very good idea and sometimes even necessary! If you are having a sit down meal for example, your caterer may need to know where each person is sitting, especially where there are different dishes, or individual requirements to consider. Deciding who sits where can also avoid possible family conflicts, or clashing personalities, depending on how well you know your invited guests, you can be the judge of that! The guests often prefer a table plan too, after all, it's nice to know where you are sitting and that there is room for their partner, or family members on the same table too!

Your wedding table plan can be displayed near the dining area and can make a nice addition to your wedding decoration too, you can choose a basic table plan, or make a feature out of it! Yes people have all sorts of imaginative ideas for table plans, such as naming the tables, rather than numbering them!

Another good reason for a table plan is when you have a lot of guests and limited space at the wedding venue. In this case, a table plan can be worked out on measurements too, ensuring all the tables and chairs required, will fit in the space you have! When doing this, there are certain things to consider, the size of the tables, enough room for chairs, leg room for guests and enough room to allow access between tables for your waiters, while guests are seated! Your wedding planner can often help you to create a table plan and it's often a good idea to ask them, especially if it is a complicated one!

There are several programmes for the PC / Mac and tablet app's that can help you work out how to fit everything in! Or ask your wedding planner for assistance, they will have the experience to get it right!

Wedding seating plan

If you are trying to place a large number of guests in an area, you will need exact measurements of the area, plus the sizes of the tables, allowing for chairs and enough room for people to stand up / pass!

Place names and table names / numbers.

You can use individual name cards to guide people to their seats, while displaying either the name of the table, or the location of the table. You may choose a simple way of doing this, for example, table 1,2 3 etc, or you could use quirky names! However you decide to lay out your table plan, or display it to your guests, make sure your caterer has an easy to understand copy, also your wedding decorator, if they have personalised favours to place, name tags, or boy / girl gifts, for example!

Vendors Table Plan.

Important for your caterers and decorators. 

If you have a selection of menu's for your guests, rather than one set menu for all, or if you have guests with special diets, then you may need to create a printed table plan for your caterer / vendors too! This can be an A4 print, with table numbers (or names), the place each guest will sit, thier name and the menu they will be having, or any special requirements. Children's seating should also be marked, as often they will be having a different menu, or if very young, may need a baby seat! A vendors table plan can help the day run smooth, without any confusion! Your wedding Planner can help you decide what needs to be displayed on your vendors table plan.

Wedding table names

If you need help with your table plans, please feel free to ask Marbella Bride, we can help you to create a sensible plan that works for everyone and even get it printed too! Or why not write out your plan on a decorative mirror, there are so many solutions for a wonderful wedding table plan!

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Wedding table plan ideas

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