Do you feed the wedding vendors.

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It's sometimes just courtesy, sometimes requested and sometimes not even thought of, but feeding the vendors can add a little extra cost to your wedding expenses. Of course feeding the service providers is never really compulsory, but some may request it, especially those that may be present at your wedding for a long period. The wedding photographer for example may be with you from setting up, right through to the first dance in the evening, or sometimes even longer! The sound technician, even the entertainers, if they are hanging around for long periods of the day, hunger can set in! It's not really fair to expect them to eat dry, sun baked sandwiches, while they are working so hard to make your wedding day amazing!

Of course, providing them with a meal is going to add an extra expense to the day and nothing comes for free, of course. Some wedding suppliers may even request or demand a meal is provided and that's fine, as you know where you stand, but what about those that never asked, or you maybe simply never though about, until now! In general it is considered common practice to provide a meal for those services who are staying at the wedding for some time, or who will be sitting it out during the dinner time. Many venues and private caterers can provide a lower cost, "staff" menu to cover the service providers that may be present during your wedding day, it's always worth an ask. If you have a Buffet style menu, there may be plenty to go around, or you can ask that the caterer provides just a little extra to cater for your wedding service providers.

Some venues may have a separate staff menu available, after all, vendors do not need to savour the whole wedding meal, but they do need to eat! Ask you venue or caterer about their options for staff menu's.

It's always best to ask your wedding staff if they will be requiring a meal. This should include all those who may be at the wedding for a long period of time, such as your wedding planner, photographer, sound crew and sometimes even the band, if they will be setting up early and sitting it out through the dinner. It's often not compulsory, but it is considered good manners and always appreciated!

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Marbella Bride work alongside some excellent wedding catering services, highly reputable and fully licensed, they are able to provide private catering in a wide range of venues, throughout the Costa del Sol. Of course, if you are booking a restaurant or hotel for your wedding reception, then you have little need for this, but at private villa's and venues without catering, it's essential. Our standards are high and so must be those of the caterers we partner with, only the best is good enough, reliability, hygiene, professional service and food quality have to be priority!

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