Audio and Lighting for Weddings and events.

Professional Speakers, wireless microphones, stunning light shows, we have it all!

Why pay a separate third-party Audiovisual company to supply the audio requirements of your wedding in Spain, when Marbella Bride can offer these specialist services for you? Marbella Bride provides specialist audio services, stunning lighting, decorative lighting and visuals for weddings and special events throughout the Costa del Sol, Malaga province of Spain. We can provide the perfect audio solutions for any size wedding, from the ceremony to the party, the speeches, to powerful audio systems for your band, or Dj! We also provide amazing lighting solutions to give both your venue and the party, a fantastic ambience, plus skilled staff who will ensure that everything keeps working throughout your special day!  Of course, you may wish for us to provide the amazing wedding entertainment we have become famous for and yes, we could do that too!

Much more than just wedding planners! Marbella Bride can actually provide you with professional equipment and services of our own! What other wedding planner has the backline for a band, audio systems for throughout your venue and audio technicians to hand?

  • High-quality Audio PA equipment for ceremonies, background music and speeches
  • Professional Audio and Lighting solutions for, Musicians bands and Dj's - Intimate parties to 5,000 people concerts!
  • Decorative Lighting solutions, fairy lighting, LED uplighting, lanterns
  • Large-screen TV's and video projectors for visual presentations
  • Services available throughout the Costa del Sol, Malaga province
  • Hire professional DJ Equipment Pioneer CDJs and DJM Mixers
  • Equipment for Bands and Groups, PA and Back-line
  • Mackie, RCF, JBL, Roland, EV, Soundcraft, Sure and other top brands
  • Our own warehouse is full of stock, we are the suppliers, no third-party fees!

Understanding the specific needs of your wedding.

We specialise in the audio and lighting requirements of weddings.

We are the leading specialist in Weddings and very special events in the Malaga Province, so we set up our equipment and services for lots of them every year, in a wide range of venue types, throughout the Malaga province, this means we often know exactly what is needed for your venue, even if you do not! We are very familiar with most of the venues that host weddings here on the Costa del Sol, so we can correctly advise you in making the right choices for the perfect wedding audio. We can help you plan for your professional event audio and lighting needs, no matter what your group, or wedding venue size.

Marbella Bride can supply professional equipment for your band, or Dj, or we can create a specialist, all-day wedding audio package, to professionally cater to the needs of your wedding! What's more, if you are working with another local wedding planner that is endorsed by Marbella Bride, we are happy to work together with them, to provide Marbella Brides with unrivalled services, at your wedding in Spain!  Together we can ensure that your wedding in Spain is a pleasure to the senses and that everything works just as it should! Why risk it any other way?

Contact us today with your requirements. 

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With our own professional sound and lighting solutions, Marbella Bride has everything you need!

From intimate affairs to luxury concerts and festival-style weddings, audio and lighting play an integral part.
Hire PA equipment Marbella
Speaker hire Costa del Sol

Professional Active speakers, Subwoofers, compact audio systems, stage and DJ monitors, lighting, we stock it all! 

Professionally manned wedding and event audio Costa del Sol.

Peace of mind, letting you enjoy the day, while we take care of everything!

This is your wedding or event day and reliable audio, with experienced technicians, is a must-have!

Allow Marbella Bride to provide a professional audio and lighting experience for your wedding in Spain. We bring along multiple PA systems to cover all the various areas in your wedding venue. Wireless microphones are made available for your ceremony, speeches and audio is available for all your musical needs. We can also offer professional wedding Mc services and stunning light shows too! Marbella Bride take care of the wedding day audio needs, with smart and professional staff, we can also provide for the audio needs of your own entertainers and even provide our own first-class entertainment if required, with fully managed entertainment packages that flow, throughout your day special! No stress for you, or your guests, nothing to do, but just enjoy!

  • Wireless Microphones for your speeches, or even a surprise performance
  • Multiple speaker systems set up throughout your venue for a smooth transition throughout the day.
  • Skilled staff, who will play your music for you on cue and deal with all your audio/lighting needs through the day
  • Ability to cater for all size weddings with ease, we have no limits!
  • Extensive Knowledge in wedding/event audio requirements, we know your needs!
  • Insured against third party liability for the installation of audio and lighting

Bringing your own Dj or Band to the Costa del Sol?

We can supply speakers, Dj equipment, mics, mixers and more!

Marbella Bride can help there too, we can supply Pioneer Dj equipment, PA systems, mixing desks, amplifiers, powered speakers, monitors, drum kits, lighting and event a stage if required, so your entertainment is good to go! With top brand equipment available from the likes of JBL, RCF, Soundcraft, Pioneer, Sure, Mackie and HK audio, we ensure your wedding party is sounding great!

We stock Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus players and Pioneer Mixers for professional-level Dj's!!

Wedding Entertainment packages Costa del Sol.

Without a doubt, the best entertainment packages money can buy!

Not forgetting, we are the most connected wedding planners on the Costa, with a database of over 500 acts, bands and Dj's, as well as our own first-class Dj's, Mc's and entertainment crew! So if D.I.Y is not your thing, but you want a simply amazing, memorable party, why not take a look at our entertainment packages, designed for epic weddings and orchestrated with the professional touches of Marbella Bride!... Click for more info

Your choice was Marbella Bride, so you can now relax and enjoy the day!

Specialist services for weddings in Marbella and surrounding areas, marrying in Spain is no longer scary!

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Pioneer Dj equipment Marbella

Not planning your wedding or event with Marbella Bride?

But want to hire some equipment!

Marbella Bride can provide equipment rentals for your wedding or event on the Costa del Sol, even if you are not our clients, or are using us as wedding planners. We also work together nicely with other select wedding planners on the Costa del Sol, so you can combine our services. Contact us with your needs and we can create a rental package to meet with your audio and lighting requirements. Available with or without a technician, we can deliver and set up the speakers and lighting you need, at your venue on the Costa del Sol, Spain. 

We also stock Stages, LED dancefloors, stage lighting and stock basic backline for bands and Dj's too! Equipment for weddings and special events on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Fusion Dj at La Cabane beach club - Sound and lighting by Marbella Bride

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Specialist in the planning and provision of weddings and events

Professional services for weddings and special occasions, Marbella Bride.

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