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Your wedding photo´s are the pinnacle of the day, they will provide lasting memories and capture the day in a magical way, to be remembered long after your wedding day! Good wedding photographers will know exactly how to capture the perfect picture, listed below are our choice of the very best wedding photographers on the Costa del Sol, Malaga province of Spain. Owning a great camera does not make a good wedding photographer, beware the cheap imitations, always use a professional wedding photographer for best results, you have only one chance to get it right!

If your wedding photography is important to you, then consider one of our highly recommended professional Wedding photographers and video specialists that are based here on the Costa del Sol all year round.

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All Marbella Bride recommended services are:

  • Fully licensed or legal to work in Spain
  • Reputable and reliable!
  • Based in Spain, on the Costa del Sol

Planning your wedding with Marbella Bride? Get a discount on your wedding photography when including it as part of a bespoke package with us! The more services you book through us, the bigger the discount we can provide! We are THE wedding specialists of the Costa del Sol, with English and Spanish speaking staff, plus the experience you need to make this "one off" day, the best it could ever be!

Is professional wedding photography quite expensive?

Well actually, it's not, when you consider the facts!

Right from the moment you make first contact with your wedding photographer, you will be taking up his time! That sounds obvious, but time is money, as people rarely offer professional services for love alone! Your wedding photographer may be communicating with you often, discussing your requirements and plans, right up until the wedding day. On the day, a professional wedding photographer may be with you several hours, if not for most of the day, during that time they will typically take hundreds of photos to ensure he/she have captured the special moments of the day. Then the photo's will require sorting through and editing, to create the amazing photo's you expected.

A professional wedding photographer will be carrying top quality camera equipment, worth thousands of pounds / euros, necessary in order to capture your wedding in the most professional way possible. They will also have sat through professional training, hands on experience and constant learning as new technologies emerge to make the photography even better! They will also have spent time developing an individual, artistic flair, which will show in their photography. They did all this, so that they could provide you with amazing photography and lasting memories of your wedding day!

Expensive?... Maybe, sometimes, but it is often money well spent!

Marbella Bride, Weddings in Spain,less fuss and bother, more love and marriage!

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