Banning Mobile phones at weddings. 

Just bloody rude? Could you ban them, or do without yours?

Sorry, but someone had to say it and it had to be me! I consider mobile phones, or at least, their users, to be, just a bit bloody rude and I am going to tell you why! The question will be, could you do without monitoring your mobile phone for the day? Or could you, even, if you dare, ban mobile phones from constant use at your wedding? As someone who has been to literally hundreds of weddings over the last few years, I see mobile phones responsible for a little bit of wedding spoilage and they can ruin your photos too! 

Three main gripes about mobile phones at weddings:

1. Photographs!

You spent ages sourcing the perfect wedding photographer and you probably paid a lot of money for them too! So what when your photo's come back, all your lovely guests in the aisle, waving their arms in the air, phones in hand, in a desperate attempt to get their own photos, for some infinite personal collection, that will probably be deleted when they run out of storage (due to too many selfies and "what I had for dinner pics), or lost when they drunkenly loose the phone later that same night! Some may just rudely upload your day straight to social networks, without your knowing, while not catching your good sides at all!

Photographs are best left to that expensive photographer, with his super high resolution camera and lenses that cost more than 10 x IPhone 7´s, he will probably do a far better job! And those photos will no doubt look better too, if everyone is not holding or waving around a mobile phone! Your guests will all get to see the official wedding photos, which will be amazing, so why would they desperately try to capture more, when they can rest the phone hand, just for the day and enjoy your wedding! Selfies are another excuse for the phone to come out, "pout those lips now"! Why do you want selfies? There is a professional photographer there, you will get the chance to get high quality photos in which you actually look good for a change! However, those photos may be quite spoiled, if your phone is in front of your face all night!

2.Texting, messaging and Facebooking.

God dam it, leave the dam thing alone and join the party!

It's so sad to see, especially in the younger generation, I mean you paid for amazing entertainment, a wonderful wedding venue, the whole family are up dancing, but the teens are sat there, staring into screens, desperately afraid to miss one second of online life! Would it not be great, if for just one night, your wedding night, everyone enjoyed the experience? OK, sometimes it's not just the teens, I don't want to sound agest, but for god sake, one night away from the screen, it won't hurt them, will it? 

3. Bride and Groom Phones. 

This one is Your decision! 

Big one here! Would you want to restrict your own phone use for the day? Or are you married to the little screen too? Are you going to look at and answer continuous messages, wishing you a fantastic day, or would you prefer to enjoy the wedding day and answer them all another day? Trust me, you will have enough to think about and people close to you to talk too, your phone is better switched off!  Maybe you too should leave the photos and video to the pro's while you enjoy a phone free day, without interruption just a suggestion!

There are other gripes, like ringers and pingers going off during the ceremony, guests asking the professional DJ to play off their phones. In fact, may I say, that the mobile phone and it's keen user, can be a pain in the butt at a wedding!

Politely solve it! 

Ask them nicely! 

I suggest popping a note about mobile phone usage into your invitations, or if already sent out, have your wedding celebrant or MC politely ask guest to ensure phones are switched off, or at least to silent. You could also ask people to refrain from photography with their phones, or not to upload to social media. After all, it's your day and most people will want to respect your wishes, if asked! 

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ban phones at your wedding

Banning the use of mobile phones at weddings is becoming quite popular, but would you do it?

Would you consider banning phones at your wedding?..

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