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It goes without saying that we get asked a lot of questions and we do our best to answer them just as quickly as we can! However, to save your time and ours, here are some of our most frequently asked questions and our most frequently given answers! Please feel free to contact us too, we are always happy to help and would love you to celebrate your Wedding in Spain with Marbella Bride!

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Now that is a difficult question!

One of the most common questions, but the hardest to answer, a lot is going to depend on your personal tastes, the size of your guest list and the extravagance you would expect for your special day! However, let's do a quick tally based on the Middle ground, the average, so to speak! 

  • 50 people 15 to 20,000 Euros
  • 100 people 20 to 30,000 Euros 

Of course, some venues are going to be a lot more expensive than others, as are the catering option and your taste in decoration etc. You can easily double the guesstimates figures above, or shave a little bit off of them, it all depends! 

It's VAT, the Spanish version

IVA is the Spanish version of VAT (Value added tax), it's required by law to charge IVA at 10% on food and drink, or 21% on services. You should always check if prices are including or plus IVA. Our prices are plus IVA, as we always indicate for you.

Companies that do not mention IVA, or charge it, are often illegal, so it's a good idea to check that out, it may seem a deal, but they may not turn up or could get rejected by your venue!

June and September are the most popular!

One thing we can't control is the weather and peak wedding season in Spain begins in April and ends in October. The most popular months and the ones with the best balance of reasonable heat and low risk of rain are June and September, so if you are planning for these months, it's just perfect for a wedding, but book early, because those are also the months when it books up fast! 

July and August are the hottest months and ultimately the months with the lowest risk of rain (though it does happen rarely). However, in these months temperatures can top 40 degrees centigrade, so weddings tend to be held later in the evening and go on into the night, so to avoid the heat! 

April, May, October: Here in southern Spain, these months can still be blessed with warm sunshine, although the risk of rain is higher. They can still make great wedding months and can also be cheaper, but, it's best to ensure a plan b is in place in the case of rain, then you are good to go! 

Not forgetting it can still be 20 degrees still in December and January. but the rain risk is higher yet again! That's not to say it's not still a great time for a wedding and it's often a lot cheaper too!

Yes, 365 days of the year!

Marbella Bride, ALL our talented wedding planners and staff are based right here on the Costa del Sol, 365 days a year, we have been operating as a legal Spanish business for over 15 years, although we used to be called

As locals and also a well-established business, we are highly knowledgable about this part of the world and we use that knowledge to ensure our clients make the best decisions, based on the best advice! We are your Eyes and Ears in Spain!

Yes in some cases, no in others!

Getting officially married in Spain is a tricky subject for non-residents! A general rule is, if at least one of you is not a resident or a national of Spain, then you cannot officially Marry here, although you can have a blessing service (humanist ceremony) which is similar to the real ceremony. 

If you are Roman Catholic and a member of a parish, then it is possible to marry legally under the Catholic church in Spain! This is popular, for example, with Irish clients! 

Another option, at least for British couples, is to do the legal part in Gibraltar! 

More detailed information in Marriage in Spain - Click here

We keep it reasonable!

Considering Marbella Bride have some of the best wedding planners in the region and that we also provide many services too, we like to think we represent exceptionally good value! We do have a brochure with our latest charges and some pricing examples for other services too!

Click here to download our Brochure <

We don't restrict you, but we don't recommend it!

We are often asked, can we bring our own photographer, Dj, or another service not recommended to you by Marbella Bride. Although we do not restrict you, we don't recommend it and for good reason! 

Marbella Bride have done hundreds of weddings in Spain and we are guessing, this is most probably your first and hopefully your last! You will want to get it right! Right? Using Marbella Bride's recommended services means using professionals, who we know are reliable, know what they are doing and work in harmony together with our other suppliers! In turn, that means a LOT less chance of anything going wrong! All our suppliers and services have been chosen very carefully and we know that they all provide the excellence we demand! 

We have a selection of recommended vendors for all your needs, so it's not like you don't have choice, just that our recommended guys all deliver the goods perfectly on the day!

Even our Dj's! Don't think they won't be utterly cool! We deal with international clients who love the Marbella vibe and that is exactly what we provide! Most clients are young, super funky couples, just like you! 

It's also worth noting than some venues will only accept services legally operating in Spain, with the correct paperwork and insurance!

No, but you can pay instalments.

Marbella Bride, our venues and our partners do not offer to pay by monthly instalments, but we can often split the payments into three or four parts, especially if your wedding is booked a long way in advance. If you need any help working out the payment schedule for your wedding, contact our friendly team for advice.

We offer 2 free viewings

Many of our venues may only be viewed by prior appointment and we are happy to meet you at the venues, show you around and give you our opinion on the benefits and drawbacks of each one! It also gives you a chance to meet us and talk weddings!

We charge 50 Euros for each escorted viewing, it's just to cover our time and fuel. However, you do get this back when you book our wedding planning services. It's discounted from the balance!

If you wish to view one of our venues outside of the Malaga province, such as those in the Cadiz province, we charge 50 Euros as standard. Plus 50 for each venue we view together! The latter fee we deduct from our wedding planning fees, if you choose to book with us!

Yes, you really do!

Unless you are mad, then it's a resounding YES!!

Planning a wedding in Spain, without a local and reputable wedding planner is taking a massive gamble with the outcome of your wedding day! You may be considered a little bit mad not to hire one! A local wedding planner, will speak the lingo, know the area, know the reputable vendors from the unreputable ones and also will know how to plan a wedding correctly! 

A local wedding planner will know the staff of most of the venues on first name terms and know the area like the backs of their hands! They will ensure contracts are correct and adhered to, while doing everything in their power to ensure you have a magical wedding day! 

Hiring a local, reputable wedding planner can save you a lot of stress, potential mistakes and in the long run, despite the fee they charge, you will often save money too! Don't take the risk, it's a one-off, unique day! 

Yes, you really should hire a wedding planner! 

Of course you can, but be aware!

We would expect that you may want to contact more than one wedding planner before your decide the right one for you. However, initially, it's best to discuss the planning, the fees and check out the feedback, before you begin to enquire about venues and services. 

Why is this? 

You see there are not all that many good venues and services in the region, so the chances are, any reputable wedding planner will end up suggesting the same venues and services as the next. This becomes a problem when you have three wedding planners all looking for the same venues or vendors for you simultaneously!  It just causes utter confusion!

It is always best to Choose your wedding planner, before you get them working for you! 

If you cannot find the answer to the question you need an answer to, then email us using the form below! Marbella Bride is delighted to assist you with your wedding or special event throughout the Malaga province of southern Spain. 

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