Real Flower Walls

Great focal point or backdrop. 

A flower wall is a great way to create a stunning backdrop, focal point or photo background for your wedding, the perfect addition to your styling. Real flower walls can be created by our talented florists, up to 2.5 meters high and up to 5 meters wide, in a wide range of colors and styles. Real flower walls are so much nicer than the artificial type we have seen used at a few weddings in Spain. They look incredibly classy in comparison, especially when uplit with some of our warm white lighting at night! Real flower walls can also be provided in a much larger range of colors and flower types, so they can be better incorporated into your wedding theme. As for those fake flower walls, well, can you even imagine? They are also made of nasty plastics, so maybe they are best left far away in China!  Insist on our fresh, handmade, real flower walls!

Luxury real, hand made flower walls make the perfect addition to your wedding styling and they offer a stunning focal point or even a backdrop for the head table.

Flower walls for weddings
Flower Walls Marbella

You can order your real flower walls for your wedding throughout the Costa del Sol, Malaga province of Spain. Our wedding florist constructs them on-site at your wedding venue, depending on the size, this can take some time though, about 2 hours, so ensure you have adequate setup time allowed at your venue. Real flower walls do cost a little more than the fake ones, but then, depending on the flower choice and quality, not considerably more expensive either!  Marbella Bride can book your real flower wall as a part of your wedding with us, or independent from other services!

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